What should I look for in an employer in 2020?

There are many things that one needs to consider when looking or starting a new job; especially for a  fresh graduate, as their first job can either make or break their career. Landing a good job is not an easy feat and there are a number of steps that you need go through before you can find a job. While all of that may be important, your job expectations are of just as equal value.


Apart from the basic salary, there are a number of other benefits that companies offer, such as a pension plans, healthcare, insurance etc. Companies even offer other non-essential bonuses to attract the best candidates which often times include cars, transportation allowances, and more. If your employer offers the benefits and perks you are looking for, then for it.


Not every workplace offers the same standard “9 to 5” work-life balance, so before committing to a job understand the timing expectations of your employer. At most places after-hours work is considered normal. Alternatively, you might not get the weekends off, so, before signing that offer letter, be sure you are comfortable with the stated conditions and that you are clear on job expectations.

Work environment

Office culture is created by the people who work there. It is a good idea to meet potential co-workers during the interview phase to make sure they are the people you want to work with.

Also, it is important to take note of the personnel higher up the ladder. Try to learn a bit more about your managers and junior managers. It is also a good idea to look outside your immediate hierarchy in order to gauge if these are the people who could support your growth.


If the people working together have unified values, they are more likely to be more passionate about their work. A good way to determine if the company is a good fit is by finding out if the company’s values align with your personal goals. Do this by asking thorough questions during the interview and your own personal research on the organization before accepting the role.


For professional growth, it is important that you are given ample opportunities to develop your skills. It will help you progress through your career. So, consider learning and development if you are a fresh graduate.

You can ask about all these opportunities in your job interview also, to ensure that the organization will support and encourage your professional growth. Apart from in-house training, companies even offer benefits like structured internal training programs; online learning or opportunities for professional qualifications such as ACCA, and CIM.


It is very important that you conduct thorough research before taking up a position at your desired firm. You need to look at their history and identify any red flags. You need to find out if it is a resourceful and profitable company, especially in the case of startups; there is always a higher risk. So, make your pick based on how stable the company is. Things to think about when evaluating a company’s stability could include; finances, job/industry outlook for 5-10 years, company integrity, reputation, and (given recent events) pandemic type scenarios.

Work-life balance

This is one of the most important factors you must consider when exploring your options. Is the organization flexible enough to support remote working, virtual teaming and leaves, and more importantly will you be getting time off when you really need it?

Hope these points help you make better decisions when choosing your place of employment. Just be sure you do your research and give yourself enough time and preparation for the interview.

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