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Learn how we can help you find a good job in a good
company through our process. InterviewPros. caters to job
seekers in the post-COVID-19 era, educating them on new hiring
practices and standards. Our services are broken down into three
levels that group job seekers together based on where they are
in their careers.

Services We Offer

(For Job Seekers)

At InterviewPros., we cater to all types of job seekers in almost every industry. To help you choose the right service,
we’ve created three levels to help guide candidates along the way to a successful career path.

Professional Level

The Professional Level is designated for job seekers looking to transition to a new place of employment, seeking a certified or licensed role, or a customized coaching experience relative to a specific job and or industry. Professional resumes clearly outline a dedicated career path and progression, with industry specific vocabulary, and are highly detailed with metrics or goals that have been met. Professional LinkedIn profiles are designed to show the candidates’ commitment to a field with detailed skills endorsed by InterviewPros. coaches. This level equips candidates with a basic overview the Entry Level sessions while leaning in and unpacking topics associated with a specific job or industry giving job seekers the confidence to interview like a pro.

Executive Level

The Executive Level is crafted for job seekers with organizational leadership or management experience. Coaching sessions are designed to focus on a specific place of employment with detailed information about organizational structure, job requirements and responsibilities, company culture as well as salary negotiations for a pre-determined role. Executive resumes contain detailed information identifying highly specialized skills and a seasoned career path. Executive Level LinkedIn profiles display a professional level of commitment and professional contribution to their field. This level equips candidates with a Professional Level overview about interview techniques and strategically develops individuals to excel during their job search.


Mock Interviews


One-on-one mock interviews are designed and conducted to give job seekers a professionally crafted simulated interview that prepares them for a real day. This unique experience gives candidates insight on what to expect during a one-on-one interview in person, on video, or over the phone.


Group mock interviews give candidates a fully immersible group interview experience preparing them for an interview where they will be competing with qualified candidates for the same role. Groups are currently limited in size to three InterviewPros. coaches interviewing as surrogates in person, on video, or over the phone.


Panel mock interviews allow candidates to experience and prepare for one of the most grueling and exhausting forms of interviewing, a panel. Job seekers are given the spotlight as three professionals dissect their professional background, qualifications and responses to carefully crafted industry specific questions. Panel mock interviews are currently limited to three interviewers conducting each session in person, on video, or over the phone.

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