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about best-practice-principals and laws. InterviewPros.
also provides marketing and advertising services.

Services We Offer

for Employers

Talent Acquisition & Recruiting

InterviewPros. offers talent acquisition and recruiting services to business of all sizes, guaranteeing that candidates meet or exceed job expectations. Recruiting classes are designed to offer valuable insight to best-practice- principles as they pertain to interviewing techniques and candidate sourcing.

Job Postings

Employers, of any size, can post open positions to the job board driving traffic to new opportunities and developing a pipeline of qualified highly skilled candidates. Applicants will often be vetted or coached by an InterviewPros. professional ensuring that job requirements are either met or exceeded by the candidate. Job posting packages can be purchased on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Public Speaking Engagements

InterviewPros. offers workshops, seminars, and lectures designed to give audiences detailed informative insight into the recruiting industry, from a professional recruiter’s perspective. Presentations cover topics related, but not limited to; how to effectively look for a job, sell yourself during and interview and create a professional perception for your background and experience.

Podcast Sponsorship/Advertising

Companies can choose to advertise via The InterviewPros. Podcast, in the form of an audio commercial voiced by a podcast host and or choose to advertise a digital banner on the InterviewPros. website to promote more views and foot traffic.

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