3 Things to Help Boost Your Career

An average person spends almost one third of their adult lives at work. Keeping this in mind, you can’t possibly spend 8 hours of your day at a place that doesn’t offer you some kind of happiness or personal satisfaction. It is imperative that you feel a connection to your workplace and collogues. It’s equally important that you are passionate about your work and are encouraged to do better. If these things are missing from your work life then it is most likely that you are not going to progress in your career or feel motivated to push the envelope or make an effort to climb the ladder. Switching your job or role is also an option you can look into, if you feel your career has come to a halt at your existing workplace. Reaching your full potential is a necessity but in a struggling economy, there is extra effort required for you to land an opportunity that will give your career the boost it deserves. Discussed below are three things that you might consider working on:


Networking within your industry is crucial if you want to make it big in that particular sector. LinkedIn can prove to be a very helpful asset if utilized in the right manner. Update your LinkedIn profile and make sure it voices your potential, in a manner that echoes how you feel about your skills and knowledge. Reach out to people who you think are in a position to get you somewhere. These would include HR personnel or people working for companies you would want to move to. Look for mutual connections to get the dice rolling and send out personalized messages if it is a total stranger. You can also reach out to your people on your Facebook list that you might suspect can help. Start with random conversations and try to learn about the industry and how you can enhance your career; it doesn’t necessarily have to be about them helping you out with a particular job. Apart from that, you can always signup for conferences and workshops.


Nothing can be achieved without planning and getting your goals sorted. If you don’t know where you want to be, and what you would prefer doing in your life, there is absolutely no job that would guarantee satisfaction. So based on your current role, aspirations in life, and a personal evaluation of your potential and skillset, create a plan that will enable you to reach a point that would be worth the effort.  You can talk to people around you, for instance your boss, and maybe, they could be of help. The whole point of having a plan is to live by what you believe in and not change your trajectory half-way.


While all the above mentioned things are important, there is absolutely no reason for you to be stuck doing what you have always known. Learning something new; be it a skill or important updates about your industry, will always add to your profile. You can do a lot by just dedicating an hour or so each day to brush-up your skills.   For instance, you can listen to podcasts, read, take up online courses, and watch webinars or tech talks. Also, never underestimate the power of social media, there is so much that you can learn by simply following industry leaders and successful people.

We do hope the points discussed above help you direct your efforts where they prove the most effective. When it comes to jobs, you inner drive and decision-making can really make or break your career.

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